Argentina Pictures

Argentina Pictures

Argentina pictures

Outside of South America, the Argentina is probably best known as the place of birth of the Tango and the idealized symbol of Evita Peron.With respect to the effects of the country on World Affairs, that the Argentina is by historians as an ally in Germany and in Italy in the second WELTKRIEGS - he had experienced in recent years as the country with the United States and the Nations of South America as rivals once political and economic maintained a number of war criminals. Argentina pictures Trade agreements with South America neighbors have helped Argentina grow a partner important agricultural trade.

Argentina photos

Takes place, as well as member of MERCOSUR, is one of the largest area of free trade zones world, Argentina connected to the Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay in a common tax on all imports to the continent, but the majority of the parties to the civil war brought trade with the Brazil.In the Argentina not so high that the other countries in the world of the gross domestic product result in the field, it is the third continent's economy increased in part through aggressive growth in the 20th century all despite long periods of inflation.

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Argentina builds industries of the economy today on its tourism yet with active secondary industries in the construction and mining, and agriculture.Exported from the Argentina above in their main partners - which to the Brazil, the United States and the Chile - include:

Argentina images

soy - soy and by-products is greater export of Argentina crops.Soybeans produced about 40 million metric tons per year, with most of the exports not intended for human consumption, but for processing to food animal.

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Grain - rice, wheat and other grains is each year in the country, some 13 million tonnes, harvested, and the Argentina one of the best exporters of grain in the world.

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Natural gas and oil - despite a crisis in the early 21st century, which retains the result a short of natural gas, this reserve, a strong export, application among the partners of trade.

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Fruit and vegetables, citrus fruits are an important crop in the agricultural industry of the country, and grapes, for the popular wine harvest.

That the Argentina is primarily an agricultural nation, imports of industrial nature are very important, yet a good balance between the countries of the assets.With the majority of imported products - trade entering nearly a third of the whole for the Brazil, which offers the most important partner country export, Argentina . Argentina photos The United States, China, and the round Germany on the top of the page import partners, which all provide Argentina the following:

machines - for the processing of agricultural products, the Argentina relies on imports of machinery corresponding.

Automotive - while the Argentina has a growing automotive industry, the country continues to import brands popular.

Elektronik - while the costs of certain electronic devices are smart phones may - mount for hundreds of dollars or more of these imports are still important to help the modernization of the country.

Were chemical products abroad providers offer Argentina with materials required for a variety of application possibilities, health, the production of organic chemicals-.

Argentina continue to work to the building of the domestic economy.As a major force in South America, continue to can help the best relations with other Nations, the taking of conscience of the nation of farm equipment and other areas.