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Australia Pictures

Australia pictures

Australia as a country is leaps of scientific achievements and limitations before him, when it comes.These successes have improved since the last years of the modernisation of the infrastructure of the country. Australia pictures The Australia is now closer to a place in the top level of the astronomically documented countries themselves.When you visit the Australia , a few observatories are should obtain advice for

Australia photos

Observatory Parkes

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the Parkes Observatory is located 20 km north of the Park, which is simply disable the Newell highway.This Observatory radio telescope is known most for its also the dish of this telescope is almost fifty years, but the telescopes of the world still considered one of the most powerful radio unique in the world flat.All visitors to the place can be seen enchanting telescope.Apart from that the visitors can also displays, 3D parts and take advantage of audiovisual presentations. Australia photos The Observatory has a short coffee and picnic garden is equipped with barbecue grills; If this is a fun and educational trip for your entire family

Australia images

Communication of deep space complex Canberra

Australia pics

to this space communication center located southwest of Canberra 35 kilometres.It is one of most of the major place of the Australia and form an important and significant of the deep space network of NASA part.Tidbinbilla, as complex is called, provides spacecraft contact long excursions to explore the solar system and then collects information for research and calculations.The most famous attraction here is the almost 70-meter-long antenna is the longest in Australia .A special centre designed for tourists facilitates the Visual presentation, images and models of units who travel around the solar system.Another tourist attraction important here is that the Moon rock is one of the rocks very little actual moon in the world.The Moon Rock Café and the nearby gift shop is a fun destination to take a break and buy a few souvenirs.

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The mount Stromlo Observatory


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Mount Stromlo Observatory is one of the oldest observatories of the Australia . Australia wallpapers This Observatory is a school of research in astronomy and Astrophysics at the Australia n National University.In the spring of siding that Observatory is his Observatory sister is also part of the University.As a world heritage, observatories, telescopes of Mount Stromlo House again dating back to the 17th century.However, in 2003 damaged fire storm ruined the Observatory and a large part of its collection.The Observatory of the famous causes is more research but the University, which belonged to a high power telescope called SkyMapper in siding spring, which in large measure to the loss of research techniques, that because of the fire.who reportedly disappeared built offset

observatories and astronomical structures have become part of Australia n efforts led by the scientific development of the country.These structures have been developed rapidly in recent years and now have the Australia on the map of the world, when it comes to space research