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Brazil Pictures

Brazil pictures

In 1993, a Brazil ian introduced the concept of mixed martial arts (MMA) of the United States.Rorion Gracie brought the format Tudo to Denver, Colorado and 8 of the most difficult the world Vale featured hunting. Brazil pictures Each Hunter has been one of the best in their discipline, such as savate, Pankration, rings and boxes.At the end of Brazil ian Jiu-Jitsu, black belt Royce Gracie won the ultimate fighting Championship (UFC).His excellence in the art of Brazil ian Jiu-Jitsu which helped to win 3 of the first 4 tournaments.

Brazil photos

Instead of five years later, the first event of the cfu Brazil .In October 1998, the hosts of the event, known as the ultimate Brazil was the Brazil Portuguesa of São Paulo, by da Ginasio.The beginnings of the aspiring heavyweight future Pedro Rizzo and proud superstar Wanderlei Silva the ultimate experience at the Brazil . Brazil photos It has been victim of the famous Vitor Flash, which has been granted by the Phenom Vitor Belfort.The night was also first world weight UFC welterweight champion Pat Miletich.It would take 13 years before the UFC returned, the place of birth of MMA.

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Returns the UFC finally to the Brazil after 117 pay - per events display.Hosted Rio de Janeiro, Brazil , cfu 134 arena throughout his promotion tours as cfu has been marketed on August 27, 2011 in HSBC: RIO.The event was by Anderson Silva of Brazil in the category medium weight against the Japanese aspiring Yushin Okami, the last man against Silva trim.The loss was technical as legitimate, since the controversial disqualification coup ends.The two men in the struggle of title to end all issues if the loss of Silva would have confirmed, or if the Okami would win audits be.

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, A new revised edition, as the former champion light heavyweight made Mauricio Shogun Rua aimed was off to avenge his defeat in the original ultimate fighter Forrest Griffin. Brazil wallpapers Rua was muffled by Griffin in his UFC debut in 2007 when he was ranked number one in the world mi-lourds.Rio de Janeiro fought own legend, heavyweight who fought Antonio Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira, ironically, after 40, place and coming fighters Brendan Schaub, former player of clumsy NFL for the first time in his hometown.11 other Brazil ians fought on the map and a great show for their countrymen worthy of such a show after missing the direct action for 13 years.

Brazil pics

at the end of the House was the winner, highlighted by the Okami Silva title defence in two towers, a brutal vengeance for Shogun in a tower, eight Brazil ian hunters and an another first round win by Minotauro.All three major cards win combatants by TKO.The audience enthralled five other Brazil ian hunters with victory after victory.The atmosphere in the arena is a testimony of Brazil ians how their love of MMA and as a point of view of his return is soon in the Brazil a viable option for the top brass of the organization.


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: RIO means a lot for the promotion, veterans and fans alike.His return to the Brazil shows the appreciation of the UFC in that the Brazil provided in the MMA scene and fans of their advantage to manage a large return.The streets of Rio is known as Daddy No.holds barred fight the great and the event only demonstrated how sport has come a long way, and how combatants have evolved since its creation.After 18 years of age the young sport of MMA will do that is best, according to witness UFC: Rio

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