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Of some people would say that the best defence for a football team is the offence.Others would say that is the best offence for a defence team. Chicago pictures Personally, I would say that you two is necessarily a champion team to have.For reasons, I talk about but bears in depth in this article of the offence.I'll go on different strategies, player and opinions that make the offence bears either succeeded or failed.The bear had always been a story to be a defensive team, but they have been great if the subdivision was their offensive.Take us a look at bears 1984-85.

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66 regular season and playoffs 16, which led them to a Championship. Chicago photos The bears beat the adversary of the last three post season a combined value of 91-10.It is truly a unique advantage of the winner.It is the largest deficit of any team in the history of the NFL, but why they earn much.This is because the player as the defensive player of the year was called middle linebacker Mike Singletary and Walter Payton, who won the the years NFC offensive player.Not to mention one of the most renowned in the Mike Ditka NFL coaches.They had everything.I think the main reason that the bears were so successful was because they finally support an insult to their defence. Chicago wallpapers First of all, I would like to talk about Walter Payton

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Walter Payton got the sweet nickname because of its ability, the ball is so conduct.He was one of the nine by bowler and, once held the NFL record rushing yards, affected, contains a few metres from the line, all purpose yards and many other categories.He was inducted into the pro football Hall of Fame in 1993.Needless to say, that was Walter Payton, one of the greatest footballers of all time.As I said, the bear had always been a story to be a defensive team, but they were quickly with Walter Payton on the edge of one of the best offensive teams this year.I see a lot of it in our new high of Matt to come.Star

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Matt high has been in the recent history of the crutch of the offensive of the bear.With his play against the Panthers in week 4 (2012 season), he played 205 crashed the sizes of Walter Payton and Gale Sayers, which collapse just running backs, for over 200 yards in a game included.He showed, the organization is a value in and over the past few years, the week, and I am sure there more to come.Strong not only offensive production is said the bears have recently always.

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, Jay Cutler leads the offensive for the bears, the last two years. Chicago images He was a first round of Vanderbilt's Denver (11th) draft choice.He y played for 3 years and came to bear with more than 500 record.He had never seen a match play-off until last season, when the bear, it is against the Green Bay Packers NFC Championship.We lose this game ended, but it was to come is always a great sign of good things.It has especially too hard here to Cutler, in addition to the strong it not the best line in support.Cutler has sacked 52 times in the past year, the best of the 2011 is someone of the season.He was returned both for the whole season 3 years in Denver.With these figures, it can produce is always major games. Chicago pics Week 1 of the season 2012 Cutler threw for 312 yards and 2 touchdowns to give him a big quarterback of the evaluation of 107.8.see you what shows that it has the potential of the next great bear quarterback with as Jim McMahon, who was on the 85 bears.He signed with all these large numbers produce it y, it I not click something in the offence.It should follow the offensive line with the defence for some time.fought

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not only the bears, but it is combat, offensive Starter lost a key in week 2 against the New Orleans Saints. photos of Chicago Bears starting right tackle Gabe Carimi (6'7) at a given time, a recruit in Wisconsin was injured in the second half of the game.Bears signed only this gigantic man in the hope that it great only for protection, he is wounded week 2 would bring.Carimi has a subluxation, a partial dislocation of the patella.It is an offence less serious than expected, but it takes time to heal.It is too early to say if he will be back this season. pictures of Chicago I also know that just injuries with soccer, so almost, it is expected that some players entered on the list is on injury reserve.

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Dignity, I must say that the best asset for the Organization of the bear Manager was Devin Hester in the last ten years.Devin Hester only extended its record NFL combined kick/punt returns by 15.This data set are available for the years to come.It is one of the greatest threats to offensive bears since Walter Payton and he on the teams.Special

The real purpose of this article to try to compare the tort of bears 85 up to our days pass.To be honest, the current bears do not have the same tools as the 85 bears.With Matt is good, but it is not even the great Walter Payton.Jay Cutler a lot of potential, but it didn't turn that a team like Jim McMahon could.Carimi injury dampens the success of the bear.If offensively, bears have a large amount of work to do before, but I think the super bowl team, because it is only a matter of time before we see the Lombardi in Chicago trophy.