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Florence Pictures

Florence pictures

If you plan to horticulture study tours in Florence Boboli Gardens are definitely a must on the site.Here are examples of some types of the formal Italian most famous century gardens is home to a large number of ancient sculptures, and some antique Roman striking, gardens. Florence pictures The century garden style, as it has been developed here included wide avenues gravel, how rich stone, statues and fountains, and public spaces that were informed by classical accents: caves, Temple Garden, garden and similar temples.The opening of the garden, with a beautiful view of the city, was in his time, non-conventional, although he quickly adapted as one of the means of the time.has

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the gardens were designed originally developed out of Eleonora of Toledo, the wife of Cosimo de Medici and how they were missing at the natural source water, conduct built of the River Arno in the vicinity, to provide water in a complex irrigation system.The first stage of the garden was started not by Niccolò Tribolo, until he died in 1550 and was continued by Bartolomeo Ammanati.The design of Vasari and Bernardo Buontalenti Giorgio created sculptures for caves. Florence photos The architecture developed the Grotto in the courtyard that separates the Palace of his garden is by Buontalenti and the interaction between horticulture and people offering a magnificent view for students on study travel to learn about the ornaments caused.

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Centered on the rear facade of the Palace, Boboli rises Hill a deep amphitheatre, reminiscent in form one half of a track or a classical hippodrome.In the Centre of the amphitheatre is an obelisk Egyptian, made the Villa Medici in Rome.As well as visitors to the road trip in a fountain of Neptune, can make known to the local Florentine as the fountain of the forks to Trident of Neptune.The sculpture of Neptune was created by Stoldo Lorenzi and is clearly visible on the horizon line, as a visitor climbs hillside nearby.At the top, a wonderful panoramic view of Florence - is a just reward.

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, The Boboli Gardens are also home to several caves, the capabilities of wonderful for which are on study tours to examine.Despite the fact that it currently subject to the restoration, the large statues of the cave is still outstanding examples of mannerist architecture and culture.Decorated with stalactites and equipped at the origin of the water and lush vegetation, the fountain was made possible a natural refuge shepherds to protect wild animals with frescoes, the illusion of a real cave. Florence wallpapers A little known fact is that it determined the prisoners, statues, sculpture of Michelangelo for houses the tomb of Pope Julius II.The statues were now replaced by copies, for the protection of the originals.