Istanbul Pictures

Istanbul Pictures

Istanbul pictures

Istanbul is the best place to buy a flying carpet, if you want a rug or perhaps purchase.The city of Kapali, the Turkish correct name to specify that means Grand Bazaar is visit your path. Istanbul pictures It is as a small town, because it is just so great.

Istanbul photos

If you think that it is 65 streets, more than 50 hectares and there are four thousand stores, it is a number of place.Remains therefore the food places, cafes and restaurants all within a wall.There are eleven different ways to give, it's so great.The structure is in itself something more of 600 years.In fact, there was much to repair by fire damage. Istanbul photos The original building, fountains in mosaic and corridors are still all there.

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You almost a prehistoric shopping centre could call it.The truth is that you can buy almost everything between these walls.If you look at things as varied as the dyes, carpet, so you can buy here their.Take your courage in your hands and go for it.You can find fairly complete fascinating narrow gateways of people, mainly tourists and the atmosphere and images and sounds.They are not many people in the Bazaar, because you removed the price of the workshop in the alleys of the excessive tourist.It's fun to try, find these streets, because what you see is the Bazaar as before age tourists.

Istanbul images

First thing will happen, you'll be besieged traders offer you the best price for all and.They must go at least to start with them and for green tea the inevitable small cups be prepared, as they will buy you in the hope of friendship with you. Istanbul wallpapers They learn quickly, thank you feel uncomfortable if not a polished not save after they you hospitality.data

Istanbul pics

will encourage people to their visit to the shop as a smile, if you, say nice and smile at the back.Stop and shop by any means, but you need to know what you want to pay.Recognize that they call a higher price when an item is the value, and you must play your role and provide a price below, until you meet somewhere in the Middle

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If the item you want is not in any case very cheap and small vendor insulting intelligence trying to drive down.On the other hand when it should be something like a carpet or a curio, and you then expect retailers, at a much lower price offer be wary of the fakes.Play the game, because it is what is negotiations and be prepared, lift you and go, but unfortunately, and you receive the market you are after.

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What you do all the fun, because it is, as get agreement, and you will be probably not the way to new.