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Los Angeles Pictures

Losangeles pictures

One of the most interesting, what, that occurs when you are historical research companies are the page nothing of stories that appear to come from the.In the research on a particular topic often meet information interesting or perhaps even more interesting than what you have sought from the beginning of the time. Losangeles pictures If your own research to find the history of Los Angeles, the chances of may of this year which is spent to.

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Losangeles photos

is a comparison, it is in its sister city, San Francisco.San Francisco has developed for two main reasons.It is one of the best natural harbours anywhere in America.Apart from the fact that it seems, one of the most beautiful regions of the United States San Francisco Bay has transformed into a sea port.The San Francisco Bay was recognized as a coastal city strategic after its first discovery by the Spanish Explorer, port

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war the other known reason for the rapid growth of the 1849 California gold rush. Losangeles photos This monumental discovery comes at a time, as the Mexican-American war had ended and the United States took over what was then called Alta California.The vicinity of San Francisco in early gold mine fields is Sacramento meant that the city on the Bay would be a central point of growth.Money found gold mine areas it is average for the region of San Francisco much larger and cultivated of odonates

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in the development of Los Angeles is another story.On the one hand, Los Angeles have no natural port.The port in the port of San Pedro a man was originally from.Water resources are a major problem and would be later in a series of scandals.The available standing water is required for each city survive and develop. Losangeles wallpapers San Francisco is happy, near the source of water by the rivers of America, and East Sacramento.Los Angeles is a desert environment on the other hand.South of pleasant California was dry and mild climate, but the water is always a concern.

Losangeles pics

The Pueblo of Los Angeles early

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, Los Angeles was founded by the Spanish in 1781.A good place to build a Pueblo and to establish their presence have you area.The Spanish Foundation of Los Angeles would be like another reminder on their claim to this region of the coast, in particular for the British and the Russians were all two current Northwest of the United States assets are used.The task for the Spanish belonged to the settlers.It was not easy.What we know today as the local light picturesque and beautiful beach in Southern California was not so much in sixteen and seventeen hundreds.The area was dark, remote and unattractive to most people.Was not easy to travel.Settlers such as concessions of land and cattle provided incentives in Spanish. Losangeles images It was not easy, but she found after all twelve families in the Pueblo.One of the most important companies of the Spanish colonial Alta know how much people, was in California and as of the current to the New-Mexico and the implementation of the Arizona missions.The first was in San Diego and melee that Junipero Serra 1629 finally reached a total of 21 extends north of San Francisco Bay North to Sonoma, California.Missions to christianize the native population and convert it to subjects of the King of Spain.

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included Spanish is finally distributed the California and the American Southwest of the Mexican Revolution during the early 1820s and then the Mexican is expelled when the Mexican-American war of 1848.That control of the Southwest and in California with created original counties of California took over in 1850, adopted United States.

Area is growing rapidly

Was probably the most important engine of growth of the Los Angeles area with the arrival of the railroad of the South Pacific in the years before 1876 was the most important line for the old Butterfield stage line sector.To give you an idea of the evolution of the population in the early days, approximately 1,600 people had the region of Los Angeles in 1850 at the time of the State.1860 In approximately 4 400, 5 700 1870 and 1880 in 12 000.After this period, growth was increasing very rapidly. Losangeles pics In 1890, the population was in the metropolitan area full of Los Angeles as 70,000.certainly influenced railway arriving in 1876 much growth.He y many an interesting history of the region in conjunction with the South Pacific to attract settlers to Los Angeles was announced.There is a written history, stating that the rapid growth of Los Angeles, nothing less than a campaign of land speculation by the fathers of the city was supported.The Sun, soft and climate of the land available for agriculture was encouraged. photos of Losangeles Tired brutal winters and the search for a new beginning sound of Los Angeles probably good enough for people to return in the Midwest.In addition, it was you on the railway in the South Pacific, relatively fast and comfortable travel.The lack of water was what was probably not encouraged.Regardless of the manner in which statistics show the area of population increased by giant.The year 1900 were about 130 000 people living in the region. pictures of Losangeles Los Angeles has seen a doubling of the population in the ten years

struggles and scandals in the city growing

, I found particularly interesting two stories of the early 20th century, Los Angeles.You can first had to do with the bombing of the former Los Angeles Times in 1910 building.First of all, I came across this years incident ew book American lightning author Howard Blum.The book is a great read and I recommend it.It provides a point of view excellent l.a.important in the early 1900s to the attack on the La times was the result of the labour dispute.Labour jumped on it on the years 1870 to your education and violence strikes resulting much of America.In some of these cases were federal troops in order to try to restore peace.Some would go to act only to the accusing strikebreakers on the military.The Pullman car company strike in 1890 Chicago is a good example.Beyond minor strikes also took place at several locations at the turn of the century and beyond, such as the conflict's bloody in Ludlow, Colorado between strikers and the Colorado militia.Far as the Centre-West, Los Angeles was not immune from riots.

The Los Angeles Times bombing and fire resulting killed 21 newspaper employees and injured 100.Involved in the criminal trial and subsequent investigation has some characters stained at the time.In particular was William j.Burns, who was hired by the city, the guilty party or parties find.Burns is the founder of the famous William j.Burns Detective Agency International.Burns and his people have worked tirelessly for the event.Finally, she followed the attack on the work of two men with the bridge connected and structural ironworkers International Association based in Indianapolis.Accused and returned to Los Angeles were the brothers John and James McNamara.The case became a symbol of the struggle of the industry of the Union of time.Nothing else that Clarence Darrow of Chicago led the team of defence.The Socialist Eugene v.debs on the case and at the same time weighed suggested that Publisher Harrison gray Otis may have planted the bomb.Otis has been very anti-Union and vehemently resist unionization of the paper for years.It could be said that forces perhaps anti-Union Otis of the era is one of the largest.He was quick to react, when every Union attempts to organize in the Los Angeles area.During this period of intensive work agitation, Union organizing, not unusually, to infiltrate rents detectives private business sector to try, as trade unions.There was a lot of bad blood on both sides of the work in question.

The second interesting history must require water with Los Angeles.Some refer to this episode of the war of the Los Angeles water or water of California.For Los Angeles, to a suitable water system, water to the town make build to purchase land in the Owens Valley.In 1905 by aggressive collection, the company water of city of Los Angeles purchased enough land for the construction of the city water supply system startup.In fact, it is that by the year 1890, the rapid demographic growth, Los Angeles had effectively hit local sources of water and even started, acquisition of land for a thought system.The head of the Department of water and power Los Angeles is an engineer named William Mulholland.Mulholland was the location of L.A.appointed mayor Frederick Eaton, who served from 1898 to 1900.He and Mulholland were credited for the development of the system of the aqueduct.Some Owens Valley farmers sold quickly because of the economy.She needs money.Others who sell resisted.In fact and in 1930 to get those who decided to sell to more high prices for their land.It is found, the majority of the farmers sell their property between the years 1905 to 1925 sold and has agreed to provide pay much less for their country as Los Angeles.In 1928, the diversion of water for the aqueduct drained completely Owens Lake.Angry farmers and their reaction was not long to be violent.Above all, farmers of the aqueduct attempted to dynamite, diversion of doors open and held increase their prices for their country.Armed guards were from the aqueduct of affected city patrol.Independently of farmers resistance was Owens Valley dry finally drains and agriculture has undergone.

St.Francis dam was built between 1924-1926 to a tank.Disaster then struck and all pretty much ended when on March 12, 1928, for William Mulholland, only two years after the completion is the St.Francis dam was also well designed and it kept building, not just a few hours after it distributed personally and an inspection there.After the support for what was the worst disaster in the high United States and civil engineering, he joined his position in March 1929.It is believed that William Mulholland the burden of proof of the disaster dam St.Francis with him for the rest of his life.

Water of dam failure sent a wall of water that some estimated to be 100 feet in height Santa Clara Valley in the direction of the Pacific Ocean to below.The St.Francis dam disaster was responsible for the death of approximately 450 people including students...An important note is that Frederick Eaton (former Mayor) of land in the mountains on the Owens River, which later, in the face of the building of the St.Francis dam acquired, certainly a great place for necessary one tank was his.Eaton felt an enormous amount of $ 1 million and its land was purchased by the city.This has led to the selection of the site where Mulholland finally built the St.Francis dam.A subsequent investigation concluded that the failure of dam St.Francis the result of the formations of unknown weak foundation on the Web site.It is interesting to note that low bedrock on the site was St.Francis from the geological experts who have observed era, but today are easily found.It is a good example of the geology and engineering has developed over the last 100 years.